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Healthcare & Entitlements Issues


June 20, 2011 J

Most rational, non-Marxist Americans know that ObamaCare will ruin the best health care in the world. We also know that ObamaCare will further bankrupt the government (even the Chinese government warned the United States that our country can’t afford ObamaCare). ObamaCare will drive up everyone’s health insurance costs, until health insurance companies will start going out of business. These companies will not be able to cover all the mandates coming from the Department of Health and Human Services.

State Health Plan Exchanges

April 24, 2011 J

Hopefully, the bill (H.3738), to enact the “South Carolina Health Benefit Exchange Act”, is permanently buried in the House Ways and Means Committee. This bill would establish an exchange “for the purpose of facilitating the purchase and sale of qualified health plans as provided for in the ‘Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’.” (Obamacare). While Congressional Republicans are working to defund, and in 2013, hopefully repeal Obamacare, 13 Republicans in the SC Legislature co-sponsored this bill that would have helped implement Obamacare.