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Senate Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on School Choice

This coming Thursday, a special Senate Subcommittee will hold a hearing to determine public support for school choice in South Carolina. Earlier this year, the Senate determined to put off voting on comprehensive school choice legislation until they had the opportunity to determine public support for parental choice in education. A special subcommittee was appointed [...]


Energy Exploration

August 22, 2014

Americans for Prosperity South Carolina believes that the road to economic freedom includes the ability for American businesses to explore and use our natural resources.  Despite the decline of production on federal lands, we are still an energy super power.  The United States has even been called “the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.”  AFP South [...]

More and Better Choices for Education

August 07, 2014

Americans for Prosperity South Carolina is committed to giving everyone a shot at the American Dream.  That’s why we advocate for parents to have more and better choices as it relates to their children’s education.  A child’s destiny should not be determined by their zip code, and if a family lives in a failing school [...]

Eliminate the State Personal Income Tax

July 25, 2014 J

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina believes that eliminating the state personal income tax will make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family.  The income tax in South Carolina disproportionally penalizes success and hard work by imposing higher rates compared to the rest of the region and the country. For [...]


June 12, 2014

The Export-Import Bank interferes with the economy by providing billions of dollars in loans to politically-connected companies overseas. Even worse, these loans are paid for by your hard-earned tax dollars. This exactly the kind of government meddling in the economy that free-market advocates should reject! The future of the Export-Import Bank — and whether or [...]

Help us cut spending now!

June 12, 2014

For years, politicians seeking political office have promised to control Washington’s out-of-control spending. But sadly, many fail to deliver on this promise. Americans have been thrifty and cut expenses in these weak economic times; it’s time for Washington to do the same. Federal spending and the national debt continue to skyrocket because of Congress and [...]