Americans for Prosperity Announces New SC State Director Dave Schwartz

December 04, 2013

Columbia – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has named Dave Schwartz as the state director for the South Carolina chapter of AFP.  Schwartz brings years of grassroots advocacy experience to fight for economic freedom in the Palmetto State. 

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“I’m excited to work with our activists to make South Carolina a better place to live, work and raise a family,” said Dave Schwartz, South Carolina state director of Americans for Prosperity. “We have a golden opportunity in our state to work with elected leaders to promote free market policies that would make South Carolina a model of prosperity for the rest of the nation. Whether it’s stopping ObamaCare or giving parents more control over their children’s education, we have great work ahead of us.”

AFP South Carolina is dedicated to the research and education of economic issues impacting Palmettos State citizens. We activate and engage citizens to take action supporting limited government, free market policies on the local, state and federal levels.  AFP South Carolina currently has more than 16,000 active members statewide.

Joining Dave on staff as field coordinator will be veteran South Carolina activist Debbie Spaugh.  Debbie has been a staunch opponent of ObamaCare and a great grassroots organizer in the Upstate region of South Carolina

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