February 07, 2014

ObamaCare Could Result in Nearly 35,000 Fewer Full Time Workers in South Carolina

Columbia – Today, Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest advocate for health care freedom, released a new ad, in response to the latest CBO report showing Obamacare will cost the nation an equivalent of 2.3 million jobs.  According to a related report by Americans for Tax Reform, nearly 35,000 jobs will be lost in South Carolina alone.

AFP-SC state director Dave Schwartz, said: “Not only will ObamaCare dramatically lower the quality of care for all South Carolinians, but now the latest CBO report proves that we will lose the equivalent of 35,000 full time jobs because of this terrible law.”

Watch ‘Trapped by Obamacare’ here!

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “We’ve seen how ObamaCare is hurting families through cancelled plans and rising costs, but now it is clear the law will hurt American jobs and slow economic growth. The White House can spin this however they want, but the American people want jobs, not ObamaCare.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Dave Schwartz at or (803) 201-6551.

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