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Mississippi Income Tax

March 09, 2015

Mississippi could prove to be more than just an occasional foe in college football.  Last week, the Mississippi House of Representatives, with bipartisan support, passed a bill to phase out the state income tax.  Should this bill pass the state Senate and be signed into law by the governor, yet another state will pass South […]

Gas Tax Hike

March 05, 2015

Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina wants to be a part of a solution to fix our roads.  However, with the talk of higher gas taxes, comes the talk of more extra-curricular funding for pet projects within the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).  Charleston’s largest newspaper, the Post and Courier, boasted about the $258,000 […]

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AFP: Cleary Gas Tax Indexing Just a Never-Ending Tax Hike

March 26, 2015

COLUMBIA – Senator Ray Cleary’s gas tax hike bill, S. 523, was debated last night in the Senate Finance Committee, and Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina says it includes a never-ending tax hike. The Cleary bill not only includes a 60% gas tax hike, but also an indexing mechanism – a fancy word for a never-ending gas tax hike.  […]

AFP Grassroots Activate to Oppose House, Senate Gas Tax Hike Plans

March 24, 2015

COLUMBIA – As hearings begin today on gas tax hike proposals in the House and Senate, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina is announcing opposition to both S. 523 and H. 3579. The group says both bills would increase costs at the pump and continue to divert gas tax dollars to wasteful mass transit projects, like light rail and […]

AFP Urges House to Adopt Budget Amdmt. 51, Eliminate Debt Bill

March 10, 2015

Group says Rep. Atwater’s amendment protects taxpayers by stopping half-billion-dollar debt. COLUMBIA – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina is urging the House to adopt Budget Amendment 51, an improvement measure introduced by Rep. Todd Atwater that would eliminate a half-billion dollar ($500,000,000) bond bill and ultimately protect South Carolina taxpayers from additional debt service payments. “The […]

AFP South Carolina to Host Town Hall Meeting w/ Sen. Mike Fair

February 23, 2015

Sixth district citizens to have conversation about gas tax hike, fiscal policy with key senator. GREENVILLE – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina will host a Town Hall meeting with state Senator Mike Fair in Greenville this evening to have a conversation about a potential gas tax hike and other state tax policies. The group […]

TUES: State Treasurer Loftis to Speak at “No Gas Tax” Lobby Day

February 09, 2015

Loftis agrees with AFP: no new gas tax hike. COLUMBIA – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) South Carolina will host a citizen Lobby Day for folks from across the state to personally visit their state legislators and urge them to vote “NO” on any gas tax hike.  Joining them will be South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis […]

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