Meet the New Senate, Same As the Old Senate

September 30, 2015

By Thomas Fletcher Swept into office on the heels of a historic 2014 election, Republicans won the Senate majority for the first time since 2004 with its largest seat gains since 1980. Much was promised as to what the Senate would do under new management. Fast forward nine months and the Senate remains a work […]

These 20 Republicans Stood with Hillary Clinton

September 30, 2015

By Akash Chougule Recently, on the most important vote of the year, these twenty Republicans chose to stand with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Big Labor union bosses instead of with workers, families, and the free market: Linda Black, Kathie Conway, Kevin Corlew, Kevin Engler, Sue Entlicher, Paul Fitzwater, Elaine Gannon, Ron Hicks, Galen Higdon, […]

Prosperity Podcast: Success in North Carolina

September 28, 2015

North Carolina has quickly become a model state for the southeast United States. But what policies have led to such historic growth and job creating. State Director Donald Bryson joins host Ed Dean to discuss the success story of North Carolina. Pros

Prosperity Podcast: Fall Federal Update

September 11, 2015

Like millions of school children across the country, Congress is back from summer vacation. What is on Congress plate in the coming months? Join Policy Director Mac Zimmerman and host Ed Dean to find out.

Washington Should Live Up To Its Past Spending Agreements

September 09, 2015

By Eric Peterson American taxpayers have witnessed unprecedented spending growth since the early days of the Obama administration.  After years of proliferating stimulus spending with no results, the national debt grew at a level that hadn’t been seen since the days of World War II, swelling from $10 trillion in 2008 to over $14 trillion […]