Expansion of School Choice is Good News on Friedman Day

July 31, 2015

School choice is a policy designed to bring educational choices closer to students and to give The United States education system the reform it desperately needs, and that all children deserve. Today, on Milton Friedman’s birthday, Americans for Prosperity celebrates the advance of school choice and continues to work toward providing that same opportunity to every single child in America.

Prosperity Podcast: Patrick Werner and Worker Freedom

July 27, 2015

Missouri is ground zero for one of the hottest policy battles currently in the States. The Missouri House and Senate passed right to work legislation only to have it vetoed by the Governor. So whats next for the State of Missouri? Tune into find out!

Prosperity Podcast: Highways and the Ex-Im bank

July 17, 2015

With Congress wanting to be on vacation more than most Middle Schoolers, they rush to finish their last piece of must pass legislation, the Highway Patch. This patch is different however as the resurrection of the Ex-Im bank hangs in the shadows. What looks to be Congress’s last big play before recess. Listen to the […]

Another Obama Admin. Official Chooses Private School

July 14, 2015

Like President Obama, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has elected to send his own children to a tony private school, while opposing efforts to allow poorer students across the country the same opportunity.