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AFP-PA Director of Policy, Katy Abram, Discusses Obama’s Healthcare Takeover with Megyn Kelly

March 22, 2012 J

Almost three years ago, I had reached my breaking point as we watched a government begin its ever growing expansion into our lives. Senator Arlen Specter was going to be holding a health care town hall in Lebanon and I knew I had to go. Not being a political pundant I was only armed with my instincts that this healthcare overreach was not in our best interest as a country.

Today Megyn Kelly of Fox News revisted that day and asked me to join her as we discussed the past three years and where we are now with Obama's Healthcare law.

Town Hall with Arlen SpecterTown Hall with Arlen Specter

Americans for Prosperity Foundation Activist Training at the PLC

March 19, 2012 J


Join Americans for Prosperity Foundation at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference this week March 23-24 in Camp Hill. The PLC remains the signature event of the Pennsylvania Leadership Council. The conference is a two-day issues forum that brings together activists from across the Commonwealth to share ideas, network, and discuss issues with conservative leaders and elected officials.

Our activist training will be held Friday from 9am-Noon. Click here to sign up for the PLC and join us Friday morning.

Who's the Boss: Battling Bureaucrats In Your Local School District (panel)
Jennifer Stefano, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

AFP-PA’s Jennifer Stefano holds the line against entrenched union interests

September 07, 2011 J

Jennifer Stefano, AFP-PA Director Energy and Labor PolicyJennifer Stefano, AFP-PA Director Energy and Labor PolicyThe debate over Right to Work legislation has been heating up for years. Recently, Jennifer Stefano, Director of Labor and Energy Policy for AFP-PA, turned up the heat on behalf of the good guys, receiving several rounds of applause. While testifying during a PA House Labor and Industry Committee meeting Stefano gave the often stunned union bosses a run for their money. The question was simple: does the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognize the right of a worker to join or not join a union, or are they in favor of the current system of coercion?

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