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June 23, 2014 J

Great news!  Because of your hard work, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee just reported House Bill 1507, paycheck protection legislation to the House Floor.  This is a major step to final passage of this much-needed legislation!

As you probably know, more than 400 freedom fighters came out to Harrisburg on June 4th to rally for paycheck protection.  In case you missed it, you can view a video here.

Paycheck Protection would take the state and local governments and school districts out of the collections business. Whether you are a union member or not, your money is subsidizing unions and union Political Action Committees.  That’s right, unions are using your tax dollars to help support the campaigns of politicians who support their interests – not yours.

Please take a moment and thank the Representatives who voted FOR paycheck protection out of committee.  Please see below those who voted for and against paycheck protection today and use the links to contact them on Facebook or Twitter.



Metcalfe  Twitter  FacebookCohen   Twitter   Facebook
McGinnis   FacebookFlynn   Twitter   Facebook
Simmons  Twitter   FacebookSims   Twitter   Facebook
Gabler   Twitter   FacebookDaley, M   Twitter
Dunbar   Twitter   FacebookHarris, J   Twitter
Evankovich   Twitter   FacebookMcNeill   Twitter   Facebook
Everett   FacebookMiller, D   Twitter   Facebook
Keller, F   FacebookO’Brien   Twitter
Knowles   FacebookSchlossberg   Twitter   Facebook
Krieger   FacebookVitali   Twitter    Facebook
Roae   Twitter  Facebook
Saccone   Facebook
Truitt   Facebook


While this is an important first step, we cannot stop here.  Please go here to contact your House and Senate members to ask them to support paycheck protection too!

Thank you for all you do.  Let’s keep it up!

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