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Todd Keefer – AFP-PA’s Activist of the Month

December 17, 2012 J

by Randy DeSoto
AFP-PA Field Coordinator

Free market advocate Todd Keefer is AFP-PA’s activist of the month. Todd, heralding from York County, has made it his mission to become an expert of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) and inform others of its many flaws. To that end he has written letters to the editor, the Governor, and other elected officials; met with his Congressman; visited doctors’ offices throughout the region distributing literature; become an impressive presence on twitter; and even started his own blog: Freemktmonkey.com. He rejoiced with all of us earlier this month when the Governor decided not to establish a state exchange in Pennsylvania.

Todd–an avid student of Friedman, Hayek and Sowell–believes and advocates on his blog that the only answer to solving the problem of upward spiraling healthcare costs, is to introduce free market back into healthcare. Our current third party payer system incentivizes exactly the wrong outcome. When those receiving the care are not paying for it, there is no reason to inquire or care about the cost. In fact really the incentive is get more than necessary. It is the difference between going to a buffet or ordering a la carte from a menu. More government money flowing into healthcare through Obamacare makes the problem even worse. The problem is not too little insurance; it is too much insurance and government money.

The clear solution is to get back to the person receiving the care actually paying for it. This can best be accomplished with money from tax-free health savings accounts either established by the employer or individually.  Because the third party is taken out of the equation, administrative costs for the doctor go down, and they can pass those savings onto the patient. Further, those receiving the care want to know the cost and the necessity of the treatment prescribed and are more likely to shop around to see if lower prices for the same treatment are offered elsewhere. To cover serious illnesses or accidents, the patient, through his employer or individually, purchases catastrophic health insurance. Todd points out that the state government of Indiana and thousand of other employers and individuals have gone this free market route and have experienced the cost savings.

Todd learned of the power of social media at an Americans for Prosperity RightOnline seminar.  In a little over a year, he has grown to having twelve hundred Twitter followers. You can find him @freemktmonkey.

Thanks to Todd Keefer to helping spread the word that free markets are the answer, and in our present healthcare and fiscal crisis once again government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.

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