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It Looks Like Wisconsin In Here

October 09, 2012 J

500 great activists poured into the DSC_0364 Capitol in Harrisburg last week to be part of Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania’s Hands Off My Healthcare Rally.  The turnout was so impressive one reporter leaned over to me and said, “It looks like Wisconsin in here” (referring to when the Occupy Wall Street/Government sector union bosses took over the Madison, WI Capitol).  It sure did, but this time, those on the side of freedom prevailed!  What a great and LOUD turnout!

So often I and our Director of New Media, Katy Abram are asked: “did the politicians hear us?”   Three years ago, when Katy and I  were stay at home moms and had never been involved in politics, we thought the same thing.  We did not know each other then, but, like a lot of women, we didn’t think our voice would matter in the political arena.  What kind of power could a stay at home mother have just by speaking up?  An awful lot of power, as Katy showed us in 2009.   Do you remember when Katy showed up at one of those (now infamous) townhalls in Pennsylvania and spoke on behalf of so many of us stay at home mom’s when she said told then Senator Arlen Specter his YES vote on the President healthcare law had “awakened a sleeping giant”. What Katy didn’t say is that that giant happened to come in the form of somebody’s mother!

And once again, we showed what stay at home moms and our fellow sisters (and brothers) in freedom can do when we put our minds to it!  When more then 500 television and radio stations, website/blogs and newspapers covered our event.

A number of our Congressman are working diligently towards the moment in time when they can vote to repeal Obama’s healthcare law.  But while we all wait for this moment in time we must continue to put pressure on Governor Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania General Assembly to block Obama’s Healthcare Exchange in our state. Click here to tell them to block the exchange and support HB 2655.  This law will go a long way to preventing government bureaucrats in Washington D.C. from getting involved in the healthcare decisions we make for ourselves and our family.

Keep fighting…your voice matters more than ever!

Jennifer Stefano
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania

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