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The Obama Health Exchange Clock is Ticking

November 14, 2012 J

Despite the outcome of last weeks election the fight against Obama’s healthcare takeover continues.  As we have detailed over the past year states have it within their power to either create one of Obama’s health exchanges at the state level or defer to the federal government to create one for them.  To date the Corbett administration has accepted over $34 million in federal dollars to create an exchange but the wheels of progress (have thankfully) been slow.  No legislation has moved to create a Pennsylvania based exchange.

On Friday, Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to all governors regarding the Friday, November 16th deadline. For states that will create their exchange, they must notify HHS still by Friday the 16th but now have until Dec. 14th to submit their “exchange blueprint.” Approvals will be issued by the statutory deadline of January 1st.

For states that are pursuing the partnership model, a state-exchange light, they have until Feb. 15 to send in their paperwork.  We urge Governor Tom Corbett to stand strong against the creation of a state based exchange.  Please take a moment to fill out our action alert urging the Governor to reject a state based exchange.

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