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MICHELLE MALKIN is Coming to our Rally in Harrisburg Oct.2nd

September 24, 2012 J

Do you know how important our battle against Obamacare in Pennsylvania is? So important that someone like conservative blogger and Fox News Contributor Michelle Malkin is flying in to headline our event!

That’s right! Michelle Malkin is flying into Harrisburg on October 2nd to be part of our “Hands Off My Healthcare” Rally in the Rotunda and to help us send a message to Governor Corbett: STOP THE OBAMACARE EXCHANGE.

Now is the time to join Michelle and hundreds of your fellow activists across the state!

Click here to sign up for one of the buses going from across the state.

We are in an epic battle for not just our healthcare but the very freedom we hold dear. It is time to demand our Governor, our Senators and the PA House of Representatives listen to us and not to big insurance!

Click here to sign up now before it’s too late!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 2nd
TIME: 10-11am
WHERE: The Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg

We have buses leaving from across the state. Click here to find one near you and join this incredible event!

We are heading to Harrisburg to meet with our legislators and explain to them the enormous dangers of the President’s Healthcare Law and what will happen to our state and, even worse, to our healthcare, if the state sets up one of these exchanges!

The time is now and seating is limited! Stand up for yourself, your family and demand: “Hands Off My Healthcare”!

This may be your last chance — so sign up now by clicking here!

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