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Obama Doing 'Absolutely Nothing to Prevent the Economic Calamity' of Fiscal Cliff, Stefano Says.

November 20, 2012 J

Americans for Prosperity’s State Director, Jennifer Stefano, was on Fox Business Channel last night to discuss the looming fiscal cliff. For an interview please email infoPA@afphq.org

11/19/2012 TRANSCRIPT:

TOM SULLIVAN: the fiscal cliff is looming, many companies are preparing for the worst. already cutting back on things like hiring and spending among those kind of things but nobody in washington, nobody is there working to get the mess sorted out. the president touring asia, congress is on recess. tea party activist says the government has got to get their priorities in check. and so this is something that has been a pet peeve of mine not just for the last couple of days or since the election, because once we knew there was going to be a fiscal cliff, we were talking about this six, eight months ago and everybody washington sat back and did nothing.JENNIFER STEFANO>> Correct which is why I think it is funny people are criticizing the president for being abroad in asia during this crisis. I mean the President can be abroad in Asia and do exactly what he has been doing in the White House, which is absolutely nothing to prevent the economic calamity that will come on all americans because of his fiscal policies. At the end of the day the word fiscal cliff is becoming a non-sensical term like green energy or hope and change. What is really is is president barack obama’s tax hike.And it will kill small businesses who employ the majority of americans. couple that with obamacare, and you are in big trouble for America.TOM>> i don’t mean to remind you but we had an election recently. and his point, you say okay, i know there was almost half the country voted for mitt romney, but more voted for him. and so he has the cards right now.

JENNIFER>> first of all the rest of the country is not a bunch of defeated republicans, they’re the loyal opposition and had a voice in the right to express their concerns. he is not the president of the people who voted for him, he is the president of the united states of america and he ought to act like it because he has not done it for four long years.

TOM>> john boehner has another election in two years. he has the entire house up every two years. so he’s going do I want to look like the obstructionist again? They’re going to blame me and by the way, he has the vote thing going for him. he think he will go along?

JENNIFER>> Here’s what I think I’d like to hit the republicans in the head with a big neon says that says and say no matter what you do, you are getting blamed. So you might as well do what is right. At the end of the day people did not put john boehner into office to equivocate and become a democrat lite.

TOM>> you’re hearing the republican party has to change and be more like…

JENNIFER>> Exactly and what does that get them? Mitt romney moved to the middle on a lot of issues and it got him a lost election. at the end of the day there are issues. And on the issues there are things that are right and there are things that are wrong. president obama’s tax hikes are going to continue to crucify small businesses in this country like along with obamacare, it is a crushing blow to the entrepreneurial spirit and as well at to the bottom line. you already see businesses maneuver and they are not going to hire more than 25 employees or they are not going to let them work over 30 hours and then if they put this tax hike on over people who make over $250,000, the majority of those are small businesses. by the way, this is a big old news flash.People who think that’s going to collect a ton of money 2%. 2.1% of the population makes 250. I mean come on.

TOM>> it is the same answer the president has given before. And that is on a lot of surveys lately, we understand, it won’t fix the deficit. Cause I always thought you think it is going to? and they go no no, but what is it for? it is because of fairness.

JENNIFER>> that is what i want people to understand the president obama does not care about fiscal responsiblity he does not care about economies or jobs, he does not care about that. Marxist doctrine of fairness, this eutopian ideal because he went out and build a business, you were successful, it is not fair that others didn’t. this is passed the election it is a Marxist eutopian ideal, it’s been shown throughout history, it’s been a failure, it’s going to cost lives, but this is it is what this man is about. He could crush as many people as possible to get this “fairness” thing under wraps.

TOM>> if the economy slows down, if things go bad and then people will look back and say what the republicans do? republicans went along with it, this is what a lot of fear is on the right, they will say not us, they own it. the democrats own it, the president owns it. do you think that will stick?

JENNIFER >> there’s no question the vast majority of the media just hate Republicans, will pin anything on them like the death of jesus and disappearance of jimmy hoffa. at the end of the day they should do what is right. lok at the issues decide what is right, do what is right. They made a promise to the country during the debt crisis. They promised during the debt crisis when we were negotiating the debt ceiling and promised to cut spending. if they do not like what is happening with sequestration they can rearrange it to cut that same amount. they must cut spending first and they must reform entitlement. it is immoral to promise people things like social security and medicaid when you know its notice broken and will not be there. that is a moral issue, do what is right.

TOM>> i feel like we will have this conversation again.


FOR   IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 
CONTACT: Jennifer Stefano at infoPA@afphq.org

Stefano on Fox’s Cavuto: Obama is Allowing Economy to go over Fiscal Cliff

WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA:  Monday evening Jennifer Stefano, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA), appeared on Fox Business Channel’s “Cavuto” to discuss the looming fiscal cliff.

Click here to watch her appearance.

“I think it is funny people are criticizing the president for being abroad in Asia during this crisis. The President can be abroad in Asia and do exactly what he has been doing in the White House; which is absolutely nothing to prevent the economic calamity that will come on all Americans because of his fiscal policies,” explained Jennifer Stefano.

There has been much discussion regarding making changes to the Republican party to move more to the left.  Stefano, a Breitbart.com columnist explained, “at the end of the day there are issues.  And on the issues there are things that are right and there are things that are wrong.  President Obama’s tax hikes are going to continue to crucify small businesses in this country…along with Obamacare, it is a crushing blow to the entrepreneurial spirit and as well as to the bottom line.”

Americans for Prosperity understands that the economy is headed for trouble without changes to the current law.  Congress has a great opportunity to live up to its promises and finally cut spending.  AFP urges Congress to extend all of the current tax rates and set up a framework for the 113th Congress to do the hard work of comprehensive pro-growth tax reform.

To schedule an interview, please contact Jennifer Stefano at infoPA@afphq.org

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans.  For more information, visit www.americansforprosperity.org

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