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A Simple, Two-Page Health Care Bill, How Novel

October 03, 2012 J

By: Nicole Kaeding

Earlier this week, Representative Scott Perry introduced his simple,  two-page bill blocking the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from creating a state-based health insurance exchange as requested by the President’s flawed health care law. This important bill (HB2655) will go a long way in protecting Pennsylvania citizens and businesses from higher taxes and crippling insurance regulations.

Unlike the President’s law and its 2,700 pages, Rep. Perry’s bill is short, sweet and to the point. The bill contains three subsections that hit at the heart of the health insurance exchange issue.

Section 1: This section prohibits Pennsylvania from planning, establishing, or participating in a state-based exchange. It applies to all agencies and levels of government in the Commonwealth.

Section 2: This section allows state agencies and departments to interact with the federal government as they move to implement the federal exchange. As Pennsylvania has traditionally regulated its own insurance market, the federal government will certainly need to ask Pennsylvania questions and this allows state officials to supply answers. This also highlights a giant flaw in the President’s health care law, HHS bureaucrats can’t have all the information needed to make the decisions they now face.

Section 3: This final section allows the Commonwealth to retain authority in certain areas of health insurance markets that will need to interact with the federal exchange, particularly Medicaid. Medicaid is jointly run by the state and the federal government and under the President’s law, it and the federal exchange must work together. This provision gives state employees the ability to engage with the federal government in that context.

That’s it. Health care laws can be easy to understand. Apparently President Obama didn’t get that memo.



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