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A Glimmer of Hope from Harrisburg

October 15, 2012 J

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania continues to fight hard to block President Obama’s Health Insurance Exchanges here in the Commonwealth. We are the leading opponent to this disastrous new bureaucracy and a proud supporter of Representative Scott Perry’s bill to prevent Pennsylvania from creating one.  [Click here to tell your Representatives and Senators to support this important piece of legislation.] It appears that policymakers in Harrisburg are hearing our message.

All year, Governor Corbett and his Insurance Commissioner, Michael Consedine, have been moving forward to create a state-based exchange here in Pennsylvania. They’ve pushed lawmakers to move forward with a bill and even applied for a $34 million grant from the federal government to aid their creation efforts.

Now as they move further down the process, they are encountering what AFP has been discussing for over a year: lack of clear guidelines from Washington, D.C. The problem is so tough that Consedine sent the Department of Health and Human Services a list containing more than 20 questions and is still waiting for a response. (Numerous other states are waiting on answers.) Consedine even testified before Congress about the delays in responses from HHS.

But more important than Consedine’s efforts to get a response from Washington is his promise that he will not spend any of PA’s $34 million until he receives clear answers from HHS. It’s refreshing to see a policymaker resisting the urge to waste millions in taxpayer dollars and instead save it.

Now we just hope that Consedine and Corbett heed the call of thousands of activists in Pennsylvania and send it back to Washington. They need to broadcast that Pennsylvania won’t implement the federal government’s costly rules and regulation and raise taxes on hard-working families.

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