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48 House Members Urge Governor Corbett to Reject Creating an Exchange

December 05, 2012 J

A lot of times we find ourselves being upset about what our elected officials are doing. But now is a time to say “Thank You” to 47 Pennsylvania House Representatives who have joined together under the leadership of Representative Gordon Denlinger to ask the Governor to reject the creation of an Obama state based health exchange. Rep. Denlinger drafted a letter (seen below) asking Governor Corbett to not only reject the creation of a state based exchange under Obamacare, but to also ask him to not expand the Medicaid roles as well.

Please take the time to say thank you to these great representatives who understand the levity of the situation. If you are on twitter you can find your state representatives twitter handle here.
Medicaid Expansion – Insurance Exchanges Letter to Gov Corbett

12/5/2012 2:41pm

         “HARRISBURG – Rep. Gordon Denlinger (R-Lancaster) sent a letter to Gov. Tom Corbett yesterday signed by 47 of his House colleagues urging the governor to use his executive authority to prevent Pennsylvanians from becoming ensnared in a federal health care plan that will place the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the road to insolvency.The U.S. Supreme Court on June 28 ruled that compelling Americans in each of the 50 states to pay for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, is a new tax – in fact, the largest tax hike in the 237-year history of our country.That case, the National Federation of Independent Business et al v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al was merged with Florida et al. v. Department of Health and Human Services et al, of which Pennsylvania was a plaintiff.More importantly in that case, the justices also decided that the federal government may not withhold Medicaid funds from the states in an effort to force them to compel their taxpayers to participate in this scheme by creating “health insurance exchanges,” and thus each state may now decide whether or not to become part of the Washington bureaucrat-controlled ObamaCare network.

“It is now widely known that the original cost of $940 billion for the first 10 years of ObamaCare was grossly inaccurate,” Denlinger said. “Updated estimates by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now peg the cost to taxpayers at $1.76 trillion, a price tag that does not even include the cost of shifting the unreimbursed costs of Medicaid patients onto those who have insurance – a financial burden that will fall predominantly on the middle class and small business owners.”

That is why Denlinger’s letter urges Corbett to use the power the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling grants the states to reject health care exchanges and also prevent ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion from taking place in Pennsylvania.

“Beyond the cost, expanding Medicaid to such levels will drag down the finest health care delivery system the world has ever known,” Denlinger said. “We know what happens when government attempts to control markets best managed by the private sector. The proposed expansion of Medicaid and the move toward a state government-designed health insurance exchange represents a tragic end to consumer control. I call on Governor Corbett to stand strong for individual freedom, and to stand against ObamaCare.”

To view the letter from Rep. Denlinger to Gov. Corbett click here.
Representative Gordon Denlinger
99th District Pennsylvania House of Representatives”

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