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COMMUNITY ORGANIZING IN SCRANTON: Countering President Obama's Message

December 01, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania hosted a gathering of activists and business leaders to offer an alternative message to President Obama’s Jobs (killing) Bill speech in Scranton on Wednesday.

The message was a simple one: Presidents don’t create jobs, businesses do! Those gathered were asking the President to offer innovative, pro-growth reforms, rather than continue to push Congress to pass his so-called “Jobs Bill”, which constitutes little more than a rehashing of his failed government stimulus program of 2009.

What started as a small gathering down the road from the President’s speech turned into a full-blown, standing-room only luncheon. Activists from the Scranton area were joined by their fellow patriots who came to support the effort from as far away as Reading, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

While the President’s speech merely offered a re-branded version the failed stimulus of 2009, our activists got to hear from the real job creators in our state: the business community.

Darlene Robbins, President of the NEPA Manufacturer and Employer Association talked about a “manufacturing renaissance” in Pennsylvania. Click here to here Darlene and Jennifer Stefano’s interview about a real jobs solution on WILK am.

Kevin Shivers, the state director of the National Federation of Independent Business’ Pennsylvania Chapter, gave inspiring remarks updating attendees on his organization’s
efforts to combat the Obama Administration’s anti-business agenda, now spearheaded by the National
Labor Relations Board.

And the leader of the Scranton Tea Party, Laureen Cummings, spoke from the heart about her struggles as a small business owner. Click here to here Laureen’s message to President Obama.

Below are some of the videos, photos and media coverage from this exciting event.

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