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SIGN THE PETITION to end Union Boss Thuggery in the Neshaminy School District! by Jennifer Stefano

February 02, 2012 J

Sign the pledge supporting the parents, teachers and children of Neshaminy against the Union Bosses!

The Neshaminy School Board in Bucks County has been fighting the Union Bosses for three years to stop them from a greedy money grab that would cut student programs and jeopardize the kids’ education.

Here’s just some of the outrageous and greedy demands of the Union Bosses:

*$300,000,000 (that’s 300 million dollars) in increases above the current budget for retroactive pay, salary increases and benefits!

*Retirement after 10 years and “retirement bonuses” of $27,500 for all district teachers.

*Free health insurance for those retirees which has cost the district a whopping $35,000,000 (that’s 35 MILLION dollars)!

These same Union Bosses, back in 2002, negotiated themselves a sweetheart deal that not only bankrupted the school district but
sent student PSSA scores plummeting from the 153rd percentile to the 245th (out of 500)!

Click here to sign the petition telling the people of Neshaminy to STAND STRONG against the Union Bosses!

But for THREE YEARS the Neshaminy School Board has REFUSED to give in and now even some teachers in the union are starting to speak up.

Check out this headline from Sunday’s Bucks County Courier Times:

“Neshaminy Teacher: Unions Used Intimidation to Quell Dissent”

That’s RIGHT. One brave teacher, who is a union member, spoke out against his Union Boss’s actions and thuggery. Here’s an excerpt from the Courier:

“David Ferrara, a football coach and ninth-grade American history teacher, describes harassment and intimidation by elected union officials during the struggle over the last four years to forge a new teachers contract.

Click here to read the full article.


I knew you would be!


Please join me in signing the STAND STRONG, NESHAMINY PETITION TODAY!

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