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AFP Welcomes New Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano

January 04, 2012 J

Grassroots activists and concerned citizens like you make Pennsylvania a stronger, freer, and more prosperous state.

Entering the new year, your work will be all the more important as we fight to reduce regulations, lower taxes, and cut government spending in the halls of Harrisburg and Washington, DC.

That is why I am excited to introduce one of our own grassroots activists, Jennifer Stefano, as the new state director of the Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) chapter.

Many of you already know Jennifer as a part of the AFP family. She was recently appointed AFP-PA’s Director of Policy for Labor and Energy after officially joining the chapter last November. Jennifer is also a nationally-known Tea Party activist with her Philadelphia-based organization, The Loyal Opposition.

In those roles, Jennifer made a name for herself organizing her fellow freedom fighters against Obamacare, earmarks, regulatory excess and out-of-control spending. Here in Pennsylvania, she has advocated and fought against the radical left’s environmental policies and has gone toe-to-toe with union bosses and elected officials from all sides of the political spectrum to demand an end to the forced unionization of Pennsylvania workers.

You might also recognize Jennifer from the television. Her tenacity and stalwart defense of liberty led her from what was supposed to be a one-time appearance to a regular guest on Fox News and Fox Business News.

I met Jennifer a few years ago when she was a just starting out as an activist and she spoke to a group of our supporters in New Jersey. Not long after that, I stood with Jennifer and the two busloads of committed activists she organized and brought to a street corner in Philadelphia the Saturday before the November 2010 elections as part of AFP’s November is Coming Rally.

That day, Jennifer told Fox New Anchor Neil Cavuto and the world that she had a message for President Obama directly from Philly; “Yo, President Obama, don’t tread on this momma!’ Jennifer and her fellow activists were an integral part of the remarkable change that swept our nation that election and continues on today.

In the two years since the rise of the Tea Party, Jennifer went from a part-time volunteer to a full-time advocate for liberty. A native Philadelphian, Jennifer received her business degree from Pennsylvania’s own Villanova University.

Since the age of 12 she worked in her family’s small business learning the meaning of hard work (her father started her cleaning the bathrooms) and what individuals can achieve if government does not get in his or her way. Jennifer eventually became an Emmy-nominated television reporter before deciding to become a stay at home mother; which is when the political world came knocking at her door.

Jennifer will contribute her extensive experience and knowledge to AFP’s mission to develop educated, effective grassroots activists for economic freedom.

We are proud and excited to promote Jennifer to this leadership position.

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