We need your help!

Yesterday, a Pennsylvania Senate committee approved HB 1154 which will stop unions from being allowed to stalk, threaten and otherwise harass individuals involved in a labor dispute in Pennsylvania. We are pleased to see such positive strides being taken to end this period in Pennsylvania and applaud Representative Ron Miller (R-York) who proposed HB 1154. […]

You did it!

Today thanks in part to your efforts the House passed HB 1154! And they did so without amendments that would have watered the bill down to the exemptions the unions have from harassment, stalking and threats to use weapons of mass destruction.  You said that nothing short of completely eliminating their special carve out was […]

union loophole could close TODAY in PA!

Did you know business owners, operators and even employees can be threatened, stalked and harassed by unions, and the police cannot do anything about it? The PA House could vote to end it today, though! Currently in Pennsylvania, it is legal for unions to threaten the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, stalk and even […]