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$10 off!

March 28, 2014 J,

I hope you will join me at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference on April 4-5 in Harrisburg. Click here to learn more and register now!  Be sure to enter in code: AFP to receive a $10.00 discount off your registration! AFP-Pennsylvania is proud to serve as a sponsor of this exciting event and I am pleased [...]

A Better PA

March 26, 2014 J

Isn’t that what we all want for our children, our friends, ourselves, Joy?  A Better Pennsylvania. I hope you will join us as we pursue that goal. Please go here to sign our petition and learn more about what you can do to end the unfair practice that public sector unions enjoy in PA.  Did [...]

Calling all conservatives

March 25, 2014 J,

Are you a young activist who LOVES freedom? Do you know someone who is? Are you ready to network with like-minded millennials devoted to the freedom movement? Do you want to learn from successful leaders in the cause for liberty?  AFP PA is excited to sponsor the Young Americans for Liberty Convention in Penn State [...]

You’ll never show up to this

March 21, 2014 J

Guess what the union bosses are saying about you? That you’ll NEVER show up to our townhall in Lehighton. But you should.   Why? Because at our last small group meeting, the union bullies showed up and did this. Isn’t that just great video of the union bullies screaming, harassing and trying to intimidate people? [...]

you won round one!

March 14, 2014 J

Yesterday, thanks in part to your efforts the unions were dealt a defeat in the Statehouse! The House passed a bill which will eliminate the exemptions unions currently enjoy from criminal charges like harassment, stalking and threats to use weapons of mass destruction when the actions take place during a labor dispute. The bill next [...]