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Get Social: It’s Time to Tweet

May 13, 2013 J

Join for our sister organization’s (AFPF-PA) ongoing webinar series where you will learn why you need to stop sending blast emails to your friends and instead spread your message of freedom out into the world with social media.  Take advantage of our free webinar classes where you can sit in the comfort of your own [...]

Amplify Your Voice to Your Elected Official

May 08, 2013 J

by Katy Abram, Director of New Media I just had a great conversation with one of our activists in the Southeast portion of the state.  We were discussing an issue of concern to her and her grassroots group but she wasn’t sure how to organize members to gain traction.  After a few minutes she relayed [...]

Medicaid Expansion in Oregon: No Improvement in Health

May 06, 2013 J

By: Nicole Kaeding Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine released a new study with dramatic ramifications on the current Medicaid expansion debate. The study measured the effects of expanding Medicaid to 10,000 individuals in Oregon, and showed that expanded access has no “significant improvement in measured physical health outcomes.” As states grapple with [...]

Social Media Webinar Series

May 03, 2013 J

The days of making phone calls or having office visits with your elected officials has transformed into something new. A new tool is here for you to use in your activist toolbox which connects you directly to your elected officals: Twitter. (Don’t forget Facebook too!) Join for our sister organization’s (AFPF-PA) ongoing webinar series. Twitter [...]

Maple Point Middle School: Common Core Meeting Tonight

April 22, 2013 J

Concerned about Common Core?! We are and if you share that concern you should attend this informational event on these new nationalized standards TONIGHT at 6:30PM at Maple Point Middle School. Common Core Standards have been adopted by the State Board of Education and may be imposed on our kids! Come learn about the privacy [...]

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