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Medicaid expansion’s false promise: As I See It

June 07, 2013 J

Op Ed on PennLive.com By Nicholas Pandelidis and Donna Baver Rovito Gov. Tom Corbett was fiscally and morally correct to reject expanding the financially untenable and second-rate Medicaid program, and he shouldn’t let pressure from Kathleen Sebelius and special interest groups sway his good judgement. Good intentions alone do not result in desired outcomes, and expanding non-viable [...]

Medicaid Expansion: Tell Corbett to keep his promise

June 06, 2013 J

Over the past few months it has been evident that Governor Corbett was not going to expand the failing Medicaid scheme in Pennsylvania.  But concerns are being raised that he may flip this decision due to constant pressure from the proponents of an expansion. Is Governor Corbett (office number: 717-787-2500) going to go back on [...]

This is why we must go to Harrisburg

May 30, 2013 J

by Katy Abram I just got off the phone with an elderly veteran who fought the Japanese during the war. We had a very long conversation but despite the time I spent on the phone with him one thing was clear. He told me, “I didn’t fight those Japanese only to have our own people [...]

A Better PA Lobby Day Agenda

May 29, 2013 J

If you have signed up to join us for our Lobby Day in Harrisburg please take a moment and call your legislators to set up a meeting sometime during the day.  The ideal times are between 10:30-11:30am and 3-4pm but please meet with them any time they have available.  Click here to register. We have [...]

ALERT: Conference Call TONIGHT 8:30pm

May 23, 2013 J

You need to know one thing: Decisions are made by those who show up. Nowhere is that more true than in Harrisburg. Right now, the government sector unions, pro-Common Core advocates and other special interests are gathering in Harrisburg to do “back room deals” to get the issues they want advanced. We need to have [...]