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Happy to be in Harrisburg

July 29, 2014

I am excited to contact you today as the new Pennsylvania State Director.  As you may know, Jennifer Stefano, our former Pennsylvania State Director, has been promoted to a larger role within Americans for Prosperity. We are all proud of Jennifer and happy to see her take on this new role.  We know she’ll continue to [...]

keep up the pressure

June 30, 2014

Thanks to all that you have done we are closer than ever before to passing Paycheck Protection in Pennsylvania. Don’t stop now.  Keep the pressure up!  Please go here today to contact your House and Senate members to ask them to support paycheck protection! Because of your efforts – attending our rally, making phone calls [...]

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions

Because of your effort!

June 26, 2014

Today thanks to your efforts the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee reported Senate Bill 1034, paycheck protection legislation to the Senate Floor.  The Committee amended the original language that would prevent the collection of all political money including Political Action Committees, but would still allow the fair share fees to be collected. As you know, [...]

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions

you did it!

June 23, 2014

Great news!  Because of your hard work, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee just reported House Bill 1507, paycheck protection legislation to the House Floor.  This is a major step to final passage of this much-needed legislation! As you probably know, more than 400 freedom fighters came out to Harrisburg on June 4th to rally [...]

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions

re: last week

June 09, 2014

Did you make it to the HUGE Americans For Prosperity Paycheck Protection rally with Michelle Malkin last week? We were joined by nearly 400 energized and concerned Pennsylvanians, much like yourself, who were able to stand up to the public sector unions in Harrisburg and tell them that Pennsylvanians don’t want the unions to get [...]

Issues: Labor, Education & Pensions