You Just Won BIG!

July 09, 2013

After months of arduous effort on your part, you just won big!

You have successfully beaten back Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

Thanks to your efforts and your belief that Obamacare Medicaid expansion would help no one, not even the individuals it set out to help, we have defeated efforts to expand this failing and bloated federal program.

Remember when we stood outside in the freezing cold to launch our efforts?! Remember the countless phone calls and office visits made to state legislators’ offices?! Remember when we rallied at the State Capitol in June to make the final push against Obamacare Medicaid expansion?! It all paid off!

Thank you!

In addition, we must thank the 33 politically courageous State Representatives who signed a public letter stating they would vote NO on the budget if it included Medicaid expansion.

Please take a moment and contact them today.

Rep. Aument- (717) 705-7161

Rep. Bloom- (717) 772-2280

Rep. Christiana- (717) 260-6144

Rep. Cox- (717) 772-2435

Rep. Cutler-(717) 783-6424

Rep. Denlinger-(717) 787-3531

Rep. Dunbar-(717) 260-6132

Rep. Evankovich-(717) 260-6132

Rep. Fee-(717) 772-5290

Rep. Gabler-(717) 260-6142

Rep. Greiner-(717) 783-6422

Rep. Grove-(717) 783-2655

Rep. Heffley-(717) 260-6139

Rep. Hickernell-(717) 783-2076

Rep. Kauffman-(717) 705-2004

Rep. Knowles-(717) 787-9029

Rep. Krieger-(717) 260-6146

Rep. Lawrence-(717) 260-6117

Rep. Mackenzie-(717) 787-1000

Rep. McGinnis-(717) 787-6419

Rep. Mentzer-(717) 787-1776

Rep. Metcalfe-(717) 783-1707

Rep. Metzgar-(717) 783-8756

Rep. Moul-(717) 783-5217

Rep. Mustio-(717) 787-6651

Rep. Rapp-(717) 787-1367

Rep. Reese-(717) 783-9311

Rep. Roae-(717) 787-2353

Rep. Sankey-(717) 787-7099

Rep. Simmons-(717) 783-1673

Rep. Swanger-(717) 787-2686

Rep. Tallman-(717) 783-8875

Rep. Truitt-(717) 260-6164

Thank you again for all you do to support economic freedom and liberty in Pennsylvania.

In Liberty and Solidarity,

Jennifer Stefano
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-PA

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