Social Media Webinar Series

February 21, 2013

Even Barack Obama understands the power of Twitter when he told college students, “Tweet them! Teach your parents how to tweet!”

Ann McElhinney, the director of “Frack Nation” knows it too, “you’re not a great patriot if you’re not tweeting.”

Do you understand why this is important?

The days of making phone calls or having office visits with your elected officials has transformed into something new. A new tool is here for you to use in your activist toolbox which connects you directly to your elected officals: Twitter. (Don’t forget Facebook too!) Join our sister organization Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Pennsylvania for their ongoing webinar series.

Twitter 101
Wednesday, May 8th at 8pm EST
Join AFPF-PA’s Director of New Media Katy Abram as she walks you through the basics of how to use twitter, how to send a tweet and how you can affect change with your elected officials with this online tool.  During this class you will send your first tweet and learn all of the basics of Twitter.  Please make sure you have already gone to to sign up for an account.

Being Social on Social Media with Melissa Clouthier
Wednesday, May 22nd 3-4pm
Do you wonder why some folks have so many followers?  And how do they manage to engage so many people? What’s their secret? Learn it with Dr. Melissa Clouthier during this webinar! Click here to register.

How to be your own news crew
Thursday, May 16th at 12pm EST
Have you ever attended a school board or supervisors meeting where you saw the need for a news story to be told but no media were in attendance? Or were the media there and they never reported the important information? Stop relying on the media and become your own news crew. Learn from former television news photojournalist and AFPF-PA new media director Katy Abram how you can report your own stories.

Take your tweeting to the next level. Tweetdeck 101
Have you been active on Twitter and want to take it to the next level? Join AFPF-PA’s Director of New Media Katy Abram as she shows you how to use Tweetdeck: a tool where you can schedule tweets, search and follow keywords, arrange your feeds and more. Register for this 30 minute webinar by clicking here. Please make sure you have a twitter account set up and have downloaded Tweetdeck to your computer before class.
Register here.

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