Three more things to do to STOP Medicaid expansion in PA

July 02, 2013

We urgently need your help—there are 3 more things you can do now to help stop Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania! For nearly 6 months, we have been engaged in a sustained effort to stop Medicaid expansion in the Commonwealth. Thanks to your efforts and the 33 politically courageous State Representatives who signed a public letter stating they would vote NO on the budget if it included Medicaid expansion, we are almost there in dealing another blow to Obamacare in Pennsylvania.

Please take a couple of minutes and help us today:

1) Send this action alert to your Senator encouraging him/her to concur with the House on the welfare code bill. This means that the Senator is signing off on the House’s politically courageous stand to strip Medicaid expansion from the welfare bill.

2) Send this action alert to say “Thank you” to the House members who have demonstrated the political courage to oppose Medicaid expansion in PA.

3) Contact these 10 Senators who went against the majority to vote NO on Medicaid expansion and thank them for their support:

Senator Alloway- 717.787.4651
Senator Argall- 717.787.2637
Senator Brubaker- 717.787.4420
Senator Eichelberger- 717.787.5490
Senator Folmer- 717.787.5708
Senator Hutchinson- 717.787.9684
Senator Mcllhinney- 717.787.7305
Senator Vulakovich- 717.787.6538
Senator White- 717.787.8724
Senator Ward- 717.787.6063

Thanks to your efforts, we are almost there! Please complete these three items today! Thank you for all you do.

In Liberty and Solidarity,
Jennifer Stefano
State Director Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania

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