This is why we must go to Harrisburg

May 30, 2013
by Katy Abram
I just got off the phone with an elderly veteran who fought the Japanese during the war. We had a very long conversation but despite the time I spent on the phone with him one thing was clear. He told me, “I didn’t fight those Japanese only to have our own people tear this country apart. You keep up what you’re doing. I’ll pray for you and for this country. We sent too many of our soldiers over the edge of the tin can (ship) to have what’s going on continue.”

Just a thought and reminder of what we are fighting for and who we represent when we are in Harrisburg June 4th.

Join us for AFP-PA’s A Better PA Lobby Day this Tuesday.  Click the link to join us as we continue the fight for brave men like the one I spoke to today:
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