Taking it to the Tweets

January 07, 2013

It used to be enough to call your elected offical or perhaps stop by their office for a meeting to discuss an issue that was near and dear to your heart.  But in this day and age of email, Facebook and Twitter activists need to take their efforts to the next level.  Here at Americans for Prosperity we have used all mediums of contact to promote effective change (economic prosperity change that is) at all levels of government.  Henceforth we have been conducting “Taking it to the Tweets” presentations across the Commonwealth.

Why tweet?  What is a Facebook?  Isn’t that all just a waste of time?

Answers to these questions and more are discussed in this fast paced pitch designed to bring you into 2013 using new media as a part of your activist toolbox.  If your organization is interested in having our New Media Director come out to explain the benefits of joining our new media army please email us at infoPA@AFPhq.org.

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