Stefano: Obama “has brought us to our knees. He is lowering our standard of living”

January 02, 2013

AFP-PA state director, Jennifer Stefano, appeared on Fox News Channel this evening to discuss last night’s fiscal cliff vote.  For interviews please send an email to

NEIL: ahead of the swearing in, and consideration of the new members, after the the vote last night, one member said no one should keep their job in congress. you are steaming mad. why?
STEFANO: look what happened. the freshmen congressmen are paid $180,000 a year! off of our back, off of america’s back and we work until april 17 to pay all of the taxes and all of the spending these guys do and they do nothing. they do nothing to stop the real problem. they talk about taxes when taxes are irrelevant. you have said this and i agree the problems are systematic. they belong in the spending. we need real change. when i lose weight i put it off tomorrow, i will start tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, these people
NEIL: i try never to start because that process is ahead of time, very, very frustrating. STEFANO: you would do well in congress. that is the mentality. put off what is hard and put off doing what is right at the expense of a political gain.
NEIL: they are not penalized. that bothers me. i cast blame on both parties. they had a chance under the threat of this fiscal suicide, to do something brave and they didn’t. i think if they didn’t do it under did duress, they will never, ever ever ever do it no wonder moody’s is saying you are not out of the fire yet.
STEFANO:  it is devastating to the membership. i cannot express enough, the president has lied on a number of issues, he promised not to raise taxes on the middle-class, he raised taxes on us today. we now have, if any of us are stupid enough to go do work and collect a paycheck and not take from the government? we are now paying more to the government.
NEIL: you are talking about the payroll tax.
NEIL: do you see this settling? you cannot call them all back thousand. what will happen in two years?
STEFANO: there will be a reckoning.
NEIL: for whom?
STEFANO: for everyone. a pox on both houses. the president is doing, the democrats, they want people to — the president said he would fundamentally transform america. he has. he has brought us to our knees. he is lowering our standard of living. he is deliberately doing the fiscal initiatives that will hurt and cripple us. he ising for like hinge con other than he is a man, and that abraham lincoln is a role model, that is a joke. we cast ourselves into a dark age we will not recover from. with guys like the blue dog democrats, the democratic party is complicity, they want do bring us to our knees. the republicans do not do what is right and stand on principle. that harms me and our children. this is a long dark period we are going into for america and i would like to say positive things because i am an optimist but it is hard. this is going to hammer us. we are going to be hammered.
NEIL: Jennifer, thank you very much. i think. …

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