PA Twitter Brigade: A Force to be reckoned with

August 13, 2013

by Katy Abram, New Media Director

Last summer I began to create a list of right leaning tweeps on Twitter.  It began as a way to find like minded people within Pennsylvania.  But as I followed this growing list I noticed many of these freedom lovers were using their accounts to put pressure on their elected officials without much success.  It is certainly great to voice your concerns about various pieces of legislation but when you are one voice it only carries you so far.  But what if your voice joined together with others much like a singer coming together with a choir?  You can sing your own song but when the time comes you join together and sing from the same songbook creating a bigger impact.

And so the Twitter Brigade was born.

We have a coalition of PA conservative and libertarian tweeps where on occasion we will send out action alerts in an effort to put “twitter pressure” on various political figures in PA (ie, @GovernorCorbett, state reps, state senators etc).  This is used in coordination with other activists making phone calls and office visits.

We ask that in this effort you donate some tweets when we send you our email action alert to help us promote economic policies that lean on the side of prosperity and economic freedom.

We have some tweeps who are really active and others that are not.  Not all issues will be “your” issue.  This twitter brigade has already had some wins in PA including the PA House vote on liquor privatization and stopping Obama’s health exchange in PA.  Any ideas you have are welcome as we move forward. Thank you again for your interest in our effort!

To be considered to be part of the twitter brigade list please email us the following information to and use the subject “Twitter Brigade:”

First Name
Last Name
Twitter Handle
Phone Number
Email address

In the meantime, make sure you follow your fellow Pennsylvania freedom lovers here:

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