Oh Great, Let’s Bail Out Philadelphia Again!

June 28, 2013

Dear Activist,

Are you ready to bail out the failing Philadelphia school district again? No? Good. Neither are we! That’s why we need your help today to stop the proposed cigarette tax increase!

CLICK HERE to take action now!

As you may know, the State Senate is considering legislation, Senate Bill 944, which would raise cigarette taxes to fund the Philadelphia School District.

It is not fiscally prudent to raise taxes, any taxes, in order to fund any entity that is consistently unable to manage its finances. In addition, as we have seen in the Philadelphia School District, increased funding alone does not equal results. The Philadelphia School District’s 2012 fiscal year budget was over $700 million, and less than 60 percent of students graduate.

There is no need to raise taxes without any mention of reforms. The children of the Philadelphia School District and the taxpayers of Pennsylvania deserve better.

CLICK HERE to take action now and tell your State Senator we do not believe in bailouts and to vote NO on SB 944! A message will also go to your state representative asking them to also vote NO on this issue if it comes up for a vote!

Senate Bill 944 is written wholly for the benefit of the Philadelphia School District and the money flows to special interests, not the children.

CLICK HERE to tell your Senator that we should not increase a tax that can be applied to everyone for the benefit of a few! Tell them to Vote NO on SB 944!

Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom and fight these kind of unnecessary tax increases in Pennsylvania.

In liberty,

Jennifer Stefano
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen-leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. For more information, visit www.americansforprosperity.org

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