Union boss: Liquor Privatization efforts “Driven by the crazies”

March 21, 2013

Today the PA House will be voting on HB 790 which would take us one step closer to liquor store privatization in Pennsylvania.  To watch the vote today click here.  They will be reconvening at 1:15pm.

As an aside while 60% of Pennsylvania voters are in favor of privatizing the outdated liquor store system the president of the UFCW, Wendell Young, came out and said that those who support HB790 live in “hardcore tea bag areas.”

And he stated the this legislation is being “driven by the crazies.” So asking the government to get out of the liquor sales business is crazy?!  Who represents your interests?  The fat cat union bosses or your fellow common sense Pennsylvanians?

Take action by telling your state representative to support liquor privatization here.

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