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March 23, 2013

The AFP-Pennsylvania Twitter Brigade is list of true conservative activists who recognize the enormous value of new media and want to engage. Brigadiers are fired up about the issues and have a lot to say. Join the AFP-Pennsylvania Twitter Brigade today to become an influential participant in the microblogging battle of ideas!

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective tools for political activism. New media has enabled ordinary citizens to engage and take action more quickly and directly than ever before. AFP-Pennsylvania is here to equip you with the tools to do so.

Twitter empowers citizen activists to…
Talk directly and publicly with Pennsylvania lawmakers,
Network with like-minded conservative activists,
Live tweet from events and share pictures and video,
Link to national, state and local media and blogs,
Share information about upcoming events,
Find new information and conservative resources, and, if you’re lucky,
Engage in a robust, world wide conversation about the value of economic freedom!

To use Twitter effectively you have to know the lingo!

Tweet: A tweet is a timely post comprised of 140 characters or less used to share information on the microblogging network.

Followers: Followers are other users who subscribe to your tweets. Followers choose to subscribe to your tweets, but you do not automatically subscribe to theirs.

Who should you follow? National, state, and local media. Lawmakers. Bloggers. Local and national officials. Conservative organizations. Subscribe to the AFP-Pennsylvania Twitter Brigade list!

Twitter handle: Your unique username, preceeded by the “@” symbol, is your twitter handle. It allows other users to find you on Twitter. Users mention or reply to other users on via the “@” symbol. Example: @AFPPennsylvania

Hashtag: A hashtag, identified by the “#” symbol, categorizes your tweet and makes it searchable. Hashtags can be incorporated into the text of your tweet, or placed before or after it. Example: “Just #FixTheRoads, don’t raise the #gastax!”

RT: “Retweet” to share another user’s tweet with your followers. 

MT: The letters “MT” are placed before a “modified tweet” to let followers know that the original text of the tweet has been altered.

DM: A “direct message” is a private message between two users.

Mention: Incorporate a user’s twitter handle to mention that user in your tweet. Example: “I love @AFPPennsylvania!”

Reply: Click “reply” to post a comment or question about a tweet. The twitterhandle of the user who posted the tweet will automatically appear in your reply. Example: “@AFPPennsylvania, you rock!”

Lists: You can organize the users you follow into lists. Lists can be public or private. The AFP-Pennsylvania Twitter Brigade is a list.

Once you know the basics, you’ll be ready to join our Twitter Brigade!

Ten rules of Twitter engagement:

1. Create a “follow-worthy” presence. Follow the adage “keep it significant and shareable.”

2. Engage. Pose questions. Respond.

3. Live tweet. Talk about what’s going on right now, in the present.

4. Include a relevant hashtag. You can see what other users are talking about in the “Trends” box in the left column of your homepage.

5. Tweet often. In order to engage you must be present!

6. Check your privacy settings. Twitter is a “social” medium and works best as a public one. If you make your tweets public and allow everyone to follow you, your influence will grow!

7. RT loyal followers. RT to gain followers.

8. Shorten your links. Space is scarce with only 140 characters! Use bitly or tinyurl to shorten your links.

9. Less is more. Leave 10-20 characters free for those who retweet to comment.

10. Link. Think a tweet is just 140 characters? Think again. Link to external comment to share entire articles, videos, and photos. By doing so you add value to your tweets, and a lot more information!

Join the AFP-Pennsylvania Twitter Brigade! Email us at or DM @AFPPennsylvania to become a member!

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