Champions of Prosperity Information: Medicaid

January 31, 2013

Below you will find two links:  the first will explain what Medicaid expansion is, and the second explains how it would negatively impact Pennsylvanians.  Make sure to read over this stuff so you are prepared when you are making phone calls.

What is Medicaid Expansion?

How will it affect Pennsylvania?


Medicaid: to expand or not to expand:

Need To Know on Medicaid Expansion:

Phone Numbers

Governor Corbett:  (717) 787-2500
House Leadership
Mike Turzai, Majority Leader: (717)-772-9943 or (412)-369-2230
Sam Smith, Speaker: (717)787-3845 or (814)938-4225
Stan Saylor, Majority Whip: (717)783-6426

Senate Leadership
Joseph B. Scarnati III, President Pro Tempore: (717)787-7084 or (814)726-7201
Dominic Pileggi, Floor Leader: (717)787-4712 or (610)358-5183

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