Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania Hosting ObamaCare and You Events

October 09, 2013

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania is hosting a series of events to highlight the impact Obamacare will have on the lives of Pennsylvania working families.  The series, titled

ObamaCare and You:  How the Law Will Impact Your Life and How You Can Learn to Impact the Law, begins tonight in Warminster.

“Our working families have real questions about how ObamaCare will impact their taxes and their jobs as well as their health care,” said Jennifer Stefano, State Director of Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania.  “We are pleased to be able to host these educational events that will talk about the impact that ObamaCare will have on our lives, our families and our health.”

The ObamaCare and You events will take place at the following dates and times:

Wednesday, October 9 – Warminster

Thursday, October 10 – West Chester

Wednesday, October 16 – Bethlehem

Thursday, October 17 – Jim Thorpe/Lehighton

“With all the delays and technical glitches, ObamaCare is more confusing and burdensome than ever,” continued Stefano.  “Poll after poll shows that the more informed people are on ObamaCare, the more they turn their backs on it and the more people understand it, the more they reject the President’s healthcare take-over.”

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