Americans for Prosperity Launches Campaign Against Medicaid Expansion

June 12, 2013

Online ads, activist phone calls will urge key lawmakers to vote against costly expansion.

HARRISBURG, Penn. – Americans for Prosperity is launching a paid effort to urge key state representatives and senators to vote against an irresponsible expansion of Medicaid under President Obama’s health care law. Thousands of activists are expected to make calls to their lawmakers, and online ads will run carrying the messages: “Medicaid is Bad Medicine” and “Pennsylvania deserves better than Medicaid.”

AFP-Pennyslvania State Director Jennifer Stefano will be available through the remainder of the session for comment on Medicaid expansion. For an interview, please contact her at (610) 207-7901 or

Stefano released the following comment:
“Governor Corbett has thus far stood strong against an expansion that would put Pennsylvania on the hook for billions of dollars.  I’m urging lawmakers to join him and do the responsible thing: work toward fixing what is undoubtedly a broken insurance system that fails taxpayers, doctors, and most importantly, the Pennsylvanians who need access to quality care.

“With tens of thousands of activists in Pennsylvania alone, AFP is going to be leading the charge on this issue.  Lawmakers should know that expansion is not reform: it’s doubling down on a failed policy.”

For more information, please contact Jennifer Stefano at
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