Americans for Prosperity Applauds Senate for Concurring with House and Rejecting Federal Medicaid Expansion Scheme

July 08, 2013

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania, the state’s largest grassroots free market organization, is applauding the Senate today for concurring with the House and rejecting federal Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.

State Director Jennifer Stefano released the following statement and is available by phone and email for an interview:

“We applaud the Senate for voting today to concur with the House’s version of the Welfare Code Bill and with it to prevent Obamacare Medicaid expansion from seeping into Pennsylvania,” said Stefano.  “Many in both the House and Senate cast these courageous votes against expansion of the welfare state despite intense political pressure.  We appreciate them putting the taxpayers of this state first with their votes.”

Americans For Prosperity-Pennsylvania has taken the lead in fighting the expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania and mobilized activists both in Harrisburg and in key districts to stop the Governor and the General Assembly from backing the expansion.

“Medicaid expansion has been wrong for Pennsylvania from the start: a one-size-fits-all, federally mandated program that wastes tax dollars and provides little or no health benefit for its recipients. The revenue proponents claim it would have brought to the states, if it ever materialized, would have come at the expense of the poor who need and deserve better care than Medicaid can offer,” added Stefano.  “Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania is proud to stand in solidarity with the men and women who took a bold position on what was right for our taxpayers, for those in need of health insurance and for our Commonwealth.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Jennifer Stefano at


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