AFP-Pennsylvania Opposes House Vote on Transportation Tax

November 21, 2013
HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania, the state’s largest grassroots free market organization, denounces the recent vote by the PA House that would impose a $2 billion transportation tax increase on Pennsylvanians.
“The Pennsylvania House’s ‘Yes’ vote on a two-billion-dollar gas tax is a direct assault on working families,” said AFP-Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano. “The Pennsylvania legislators who voted yes on this tax should hang their head in shame.  They are refusing to address the true cost drivers for transportation, especially the unfair and burdensome Prevailing Wage.  These lawmakers are shirking their duty to find responsible reforms. Instead, they’re taking the easy way out by pilfering more money from hard working men and women in our Commonwealth.  Pennsylvania currently spends nearly $7 billion annually on transportation.  While improvements in efficiency have been made, there is much more that can be done to prioritize.  There is not one redeeming part of this legislation that addresses the cost drivers.” 
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