AFP-PA Urges Governor Corbett to Follow Governor Jindal in Rejecting Arkansas Medicaid Model

April 12, 2013

PHILADELPHIA – Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania (AFP-PA), the state’s largest free market grassroots organization with more than 120,000 members, is urging Governor Corbett to follow in the footsteps of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and reject the Arkansas Medicaid model.

“I praise Governor Jindal for putting the interests of the people of his state first today by refusing to embrace the Arkansas Medicaid Scheme,” said Jennifer Stefano, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania.  “I urge Governor Corbett to follow suit and continue to reject the notion of Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania.  We cannot afford to be lured into the trap that expanding Medicaid is sure to become.”

The Arkansas Medicaid Scheme would yield the same results as the traditional expansion plan offered by the Obama Administration.  Under both versions of Medicaid expansion, Pennsylvania would still see federal funding rolled back after three (3) years; 800,000 – 1,000,000 new people would still be added to the Medicaid rolls; and Pennsylvania taxpayers would still be left to pick up the tab when the federal funding dries up.

“Medicaid expansion is completely optional,” continued Stefano.  “I implore Governor Corbett to resist the offers and compromises being bandied about in an attempt to make expanding this bloated, inefficient and expensive program more attractive.  I urge Governor Corbett to continue to put the working families of Pennsylvania first and reject the Arkansas Medicaid Scheme.”

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