AFP-PA Applauds House Passage of Liquor Privatization Bill

March 22, 2013

Move will boost market efficiency, create jobs, and remove conflicts of interest for the state

HARRISBURG, Penn. — Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania, the state’s largest free market grassroots organization, applauds the House’s passage of liquor privatization, which would begin phasing out an archaic system and remove the state monopoly on wine and spirits licenses. The plan dramatically streamlines the wine and liquor business at the point of sale, providing a win for taxpayers.

Americans for Prosperity – Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano released the following statement:

“I’m gratified that the House has passed a plan that will end the state’s archaic monopoly on wine and spirits sales, and remove the obvious conflict of interest that exists when the government both regulates and promotes these sales. This bill is a win for taxpayers, and it’s important that we thank Governor Corbett for his leadership on this issue. We applaud the Governor for pushing to get done what too many have failed to do before him. The Senate should recognize that this is the moment to act, and work to advance this plan into law.

“By making more licenses available and extending them to private stores, this bill would help create jobs all around the state. Each new licensed store means new workers — something Pennsylvania sorely needs with its high unemployment rate.

“The plan will also benefit all Pennsylvanians by decreasing alcohol prices through more competition. Just look at the states where liquor sales are private– their prices are 7 percent lower than in states that have a government monopoly.  And the bill will benefit the state government, too — they are losing out on revenue because an estimated 10-30 percent of sales are forfeited when Pennsylvanians travel to bordering states to avoid excessive mark-ups in price.

“I urge the Senate to follow the House’s lead and pass this important reform to open up the wine and spirits market in our state and remove the drag on our economy that government monopolies inevitably impose.”

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