ACTION ALERT: Liquor Privatization

March 06, 2013

It’s time to be a thirty second activist! 

Today we are asking you to put pressure on one person, the chairman of the House Liquor Control Committee, Rep. John Taylor.  The task is simple.  Go to his Facebook page and post a comment that you want liquor store privatization, not modernization. Click here to visit his Facebook page. A number of concerned Pennsylvanians have already posted on his page. (Great job guys!)

According to the Commonwealth Foundation, Rep. John Taylor “has proposed an amendment to the Governor’s liquor store privatization plan.  Chairman Taylor’s proposed amendment to HB 790 falls short in providing what the citizens of Pennsylvania demand: convenience, choices, and limiting the PLCB to its proper role as regulator.

There are several reasons why the proposal fails to meet the demands of the most important stakeholders in this debate—consumers and taxpayers:

  • The proposal maintains the government’s monopoly of the wholesale and distribution system for wine and spirits. This ensures government bureaucrats retain the power to choose which wines and spirits can and cannot be sold in Pennsylvania.
  • The proposal keeps the government in the business of selling wine and spirits. Pennsylvanians want the ease of purchasing alcohol in grocery stores and convenience stores—the same conveniences afforded to the citizens in most states.
  • The proposal maintains the PLCB’s conflict of interest. The PLCB should serve as the regulator of wine and spirits, not the purveyor. Pennsylvanians do not believe that the sale of alcohol is a core function of government.

Chairman Taylor has given interest groups until Thursday to respond to his amendment.  What more important interest groups are there in this debate than taxpayers and consumers?”

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