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Activist Resources

May 31, 2013

Common Core

Common Core is more-or-less a federal take-over of Pennsylvania’s schools. Governor Corbett has already taken the first step by pausing Common Core’s implementations for further review, but more needs to be done to preserve Pennsylvania’s educational autonomy.
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Paycheck Protection

Currently, government workers’ time and taxpayer resources are being utilized to collect employee union dues and funding for select union-backed political actions committees (PAC). These unions and PACs use the money they have collected to support candidates and causes that agree with their views, not necessarily those of union members.
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Pension Reform

Pennsylvania’s two main government worker pension systems for state government employees and public school teachers face are underfunded by $47 billion. Some estimates put the figure closer to $116 billion. For perspective, the entire Pennsylvania state budget for this year is approximately $29 billion. This path is clearly unsustainable. The state must confront this enormous and growing problem or Pennsylvania will face significant cuts in vital government services like repairing our roads and bridges and funding our schools.
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Prevailing Wage

The Prevailing Wage Act, passed in 1961, requires all public works projects in the state costing more than $25,000 pay a “prevailing wage.” A prevailing wage is generally the “union wage” paid in a geographic area which can be thirty percent or more greater than the amount paid for the same work (even by the same workers) for a private sector project. Eighty percent of private construction workers in Pennsylvania are not unionized. Prevailing wage policies require the state to however pay the higher union wage. The result is that needed repairs to roads, bridges and schools do not get completed or is delayed and taxpayers pay higher property, sales and other taxes to cover the inflated prices.
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Tax Cut for Job Creators

Pennsylvania currently has the second highest corporate income tax rate in the United States at 9.99 percent. This high rate, added to federal and local tax burdens, discourages employers from locating here and encourages Pennsylvania businesses to relocate to other states or overseas.
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