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AFP-Oregon Newsletter - The Insanity Begins

January 21, 2011

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* Horse Tax
* Real Estate Transfer Tax
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From the State Director -

The insanity begins. Well almost anyway.

You won’t go to jail, but you will pay a big fine.

As the 2011 Legislative session kicks off, SB 262 creates a new system that requires anyone wanting to become a horse owner in Oregon to submit an application, pay up to $100 and wait for the state to approve ownership. And, if you already own a horse, you will be required to register it with the state and pay the fee anyway. If you want to sell horses, you must register as an “equine trader” by paying another fee up to $100, have a notary stamp the sale document, send monthly reports to the state on your horses’ health and the state can enter your property at any time to inspect.

Somehow, I think our Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they read this proposed law.

While the intent behind this legislation is honorable, stopping abuse of horses during tough economic times, it is an example of out of control, big government thinking that defies common sense and tramples on our rights. As more of these kind of feel good, socialist regulations are rammed down our throats, we lose a bit more of the freedoms our Founding Fathers fought for.

We must take a stand now to stop this insanity!

I urge each of you to be ready to stand up for the principles of Constitutionally limited government by making a commitment to respond to our AFP action alerts by contacting your legislators during the session that starts on February 1. I hope you will do this even if it’s not your specific ox (or horse) that’s being gored. If we all stand together against this kind of dangerous, freedom-destroying proposals we will preserve our precious rights, guaranteed by our Constitution.

Please, take action now by using the link at the top of this page to find your Legislator, and contact them to urge a “NO” vote on this ridiculous proposal. – Jeff

Real Estate Transfer Tax

One of the other proposals being kicked around Salem is a real estate transfer tax. This would funnel money to government every time a piece of property changes hands. It would also artificially raise the price of property, give sellers less equity, freeze some buyers out of the market due to the higher prices, and shove even more properties “under water” as their actual market value is reduced by the tax to a level under the mortgage amount owed.

There is a petition effort underway to refer this terrible idea to the ballot. AFP urges all its Oregon Members to sign. To find out how much your home would be taxed, or if you’d like to help protect the value and marketability of your home or other property, please click here to get involved.

Interestingly, the Oregon Secretary of State has recently forced the Oregon Association of Realtors to stop collecting a $75 assessment from its Members to support the petition effort because it amounts to “undue influence.” No word from the Secretary of State’s office on whether the same standard will be applied to government employee union’s collection of political contributions.

AFP-Oregon Blog

Be sure and follow AFP’s blog. You can find it on the Oregon page of the national website, or at www.FightBackOregon.com.

Have a great weekend, and keep working for freedom!

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