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Keep the Pressure ON Stop the CRC!

February 15, 2013

Another legislative hearing has been set this Monday, February 18th at 3pm in Room F of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, to continue the testimony on HB2800. HB2800 essentially offers a blank check to fund the boondoggle known as the Columbia River Crossing (CRC). We need you to help us stop this bill from ever moving out of this joint legislative committee by coming and testifying at the hearing on Monday and to make phone calls and send emails to all of the legislators on the committee.

Why should you be concerned about CRC? Because last week at the hearing it became very clear that this project would essentially tie-up all of the statewide gas tax funding in Oregon.  As a result of this most other projects around the state will either be put on hold or slowed down. This will result in creating pressure statewide to increase the gas tax in 2015. Are you concerned yet?

Here are some other important reasons why this CRC funding bill HB2800 should be stopped.

  • The CRC will worsen traffic gridlock in other parts of Portland in residential neighborhoods, and does nothing to increase overall freight mobility which is critical to the future of this region.
  • The proposal is based on outdated and incorrect information.
  • The construction and financing of the CRC will impact the ability to maintain existing roads and bridges throughout Oregon.
  • Clark County Commissioners voted on Tuesday, February 12 to officially oppose the project. However, entrenched Oregon bureaucrats don’t seem to care. They are willing to move forward despite a critical partner’s opposition.
  • There is clearly no financial plan or accountability if the project has cost over-runs. In fact, bureaucrats denied there was even a possibility of cost over runs on this project and therefore no need to plan for alternative funding. I can already picture the half built bridge to nowhere.

Please plan to attend the legislative hearing on Monday, February 18th at 3pm in room F. And make a point to speak with every member of the Joint Interstate 5 Bridge Replacement Project committee  before the hearing. Please be sure to also submit comments to the Committee Staffer so that your comments become part of the official legislative record.

Committee Staffer: patrick.h.brennan@state.or.us

Co-Chair  Representative Cliff Bentz  503-986-1460

Co-Chair  Representative Tobias Read 503-986-1427

Co-Chair  Senator Lee Beyer  503-986-1706

Co-Chair  Senator Bruce Starr 503-986-1715

Senator Chuck Thomsen 503-986-1726

Senator Chris Edwards 503-986-1707

Senator Fred Girod 503-986-1709

Senator Rod Monroe  503-986-1724

Representative Kevin Cameron 503-986-1419

Representative John Davis 503-986-1426

Representative Margaret Doherty  503-986-1426

Representative Chris Gorsek  503-986-1449

Representative John Lively  503-986-1412

Representative Caddy McKeown  503-986-1409

Representative Nancy Nathanson 503-986-1413

Representative Julie Parrish 503-986-1437

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