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First ever AFP OR War Room June 16th and 17th.

June 14, 2011 J

The coming “War Room” will truly be a historic event. For the first time in memory, the all-important end-game of an Oregon legislative session will feature grass roots volunteers as major players at the table. Your participation is crucial and will be felt.

So far we have over 75 grassroots activists signed up to participate in the “War Room” exercise where volunteers from the AFP OR, 912 Projects and other Tea Party partners will be monitoring and responding to end of session legislation that moves very quickly, often with only one hours notice.

We begin at 8am on the 16th and 17th in Room 350, situated between Grassroots volunteers will be using laptop computers to monitor the posting of hearings on critical legislation we are watching so we can send out teams of trained citizen lobbyists to attend, testify and lobby legislators to make limited government decisions.

Lunch will be provided both days, along with coffee in the morning. We will also have lapel buttons available that identify us as War Room participants. This will be a historic event and we are going to make a big difference for our principles and values at the end of this session.

For more information, email jkropf@afphq.org

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