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February 21, 2011 J

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From the State Director – Friends, what has been going on in Wisconsin over the past week could have a profound impact across this nation. The courageous stand by Governor Scott Walker to create a permanent solution to Wisconsin’s budget problems has once again ignited the grassroots. More than 15,000 conservative grassroots activists – including AFP Members from across the Midwest – converged on Madison on Saturday. Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips addressed this crowd, and urged them to stand with Governor Walker for the change we all know if needed.

The cowardice of the Wisconsin Democrat Senators on display has been shameful. It would not surprise me to see 14 separate recall petitions filed against those Senators this week if they do not return to the Capitol and do the job for which they were elected.

Please take 30 seconds and visit www.StandWithWalker.com to sign the AFP petition in support of Governor Walker’s standing up to the government employee unions. You can also text SUPPORT to 24747 to sign this petition. Pass the word to friends who might agree!

Together, we are strong!

Yours in Freedom,

Jeff Kropf, State Director

Obama Welcoming Committee

More than 70 AFP patriots gathered on a cold, rainy Oregon morning last week to continue to deliver our message on government spending and debt. With the national debt now larger then the entire economy and the President turning a blind eye to the tremendous economic damage his policies are creating, we must keep the pressure on.

AFP Staff conducted ten media interviews, and the event received good coverage. Here are some pictures. Here is some video. Here is a video from The Oregonian.

Be sure and attend the next AFP event in your area!

Eugene Income Tax

The Eugene City Council is moving aggressively to further erode an already-shaky Lane County economy by trying to convince voters to support a local income tax. If approved, it would become the only local income tax in Oregon, following the collapse of the Multnomah County tax a few years ago.

AFP’s Lane County Chapter has vowed to make a vigorous grassroots effort against this new tax. If you’d like to sign up to help, Click Here.

Eroding Democracy

Stopped repeatedly by Congress and the voters, the Obama Administration is moving aggressively to implement its policies through Czars, rule-making and other procedural gimmicks. To see how bad it is, Click Here.

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