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February 11, 2011 J

AFP-Oregon is more active then ever at the State Legislature. We encourage our Members to be involved, and to let their Legislators know when they support or oppose bills that are moving through the House and Senate.

AFP-Oregon has taken a position against SB 536, which would institute a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags, and force grocers to charge a minimum of 5 cents per paper bag. AFP State Director Jeff Kropf testified against this bill on February 8, along with other AFP Members. We are also running an “Action Alert” against this bill, which may be found here. AFP Members are encouraged to complete the Action Alert, and to forward the link to friends who may be interested in this issue.

AFP-Oregon is also concerned about a bill that will receive a hearing in the House Rules Committee on February 14. HB 2256 has several bad provisions. One would make Oregon’s vote-by-mail system more vulnerable to fraud, and the other would further restrict the initiative petition rights of Oregonians.

HB 2256 would eliminate the current requirement that all unused ballots be destroyed immediately after 8:00 pm on election day. Passing this in to law would mean that thousands of unsecured blank ballots would be sitting around election offices in the days following the election – when ballots are still being verified and counted. This provision is an attempt by Secretary of State Kate Brown to give political cover to the Multnomah County elections office, which failed to destroy its extra ballots on election day, 2010. There is no report how many of the blank ballots were ultimately voted and then counted after the polls closed.

AFP Members are encouraged to contact their State Representative and House Rules Committee Co-Chair Andy Olson. To see contact information for your Representative, CLICK HERE. Rep. Olson may be reached at 503-986-1436 or rep.andyolson@state.or.us. Be sure and identify yourself as a Member of Americans for Prosperity in any communication with an elected official and remember that AFP Members always engage with elected officials in a respectful manner.

Please watch this space for more Action Alerts on legislation in the 2011 Oregon Legislature.

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