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February 11, 2011 J

AFP-Oregon is more active then ever at the State Legislature. We encourage our Members to be involved, and to let their Legislators know when they support or oppose bills that are moving through the House and Senate.

Time To Crack Down on Election Violations

January 19, 2011 J

Oregon election law provides penalties for government employees and public officials who are found to have illegally used taxpayer resources to advocate for or against political causes. Typically, the advocacy is on behalf of higher taxes or more government spending, so the potential rewards for breaking the law are high. The penalties are a joke, calling for a very low fine for a violation that may have cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Keizer City Council Bobs & Weaves

January 18, 2011 J

Sometimes, reality provides a real slap in the face.

That's the situation facing the Keizer City Council. Earlier this month AFP and its allies turned in twice as many signatures as were needed to refer the City's new cell phone tax to the ballot in May.

Tonight, the Council will consider repealing the tax at its regular meeting. This is a good first step, and provides at least some evidence that the Council is finally ready to begin considering the opinions of the people who put them in office.

Out-of-Power Liberals Can’t Cooperate

January 13, 2011 J

One of the biggest surprises of the November elections - and one that mirrored the national results - was the election of a right-of-center majority on the Lane County Commission. Lane County's reputation is as the 2nd most liberal area of the state, fueled primarily by Eugene and the University of Oregon, so having a conservative majority is a real accomplishment for the Tea Party movement.

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