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Damascus Residents Should Reject “Comprehensive Plan”

April 08, 2011 J

Governments create many mechanisms they can use to advance their own agendas and preserve and expand their little "kingdoms." In the Portland area, one of the primary ways the regional government METRO does this is through the development by local jurisdictions of "Comprehensive Plans." These documents essentially set in stone the policies the local government is going to implement in the future. Because they are lengthy and complicated processes (not to mention hard to understand for the layman) these plans are usually passed without much scrutiny.

AFP – Oregon Newsletter – President Obama Returns to Oregon

February 14, 2011 J

In This Issue -

* From the State Director
* Plastic Bag Ban
* On the Record In Eugene
* Protect Your Right to Vote

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From the State Director - President Obama returns to Oregon this coming Friday, and AFP Members from across the state need to be there to greet him. Details are sketchy, but the President's trip appears to be a visit to an Intel plant in Hillsboro.

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