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Prosperity Knocks - Going to Colorado!

October 17, 2012

Over 150 people from across Oklahoma volunteered their weekend to travel to Colorado to help spread the word about President Obama’s failed economic policies, and ended up knocking on over 12,000 doors and making 9,000 phone calls.  They were part of AFP-Oklahoma’s Prosperity Knocks campaign to our adopted state of Colorado.
“We had a great time and inspiring time in Colorado this weekend,” said Stuart Jolly, AFP’s State Director for Oklahoma.  “We were not there to campaign for any party or candidate.  We were there to educate our fellow citizens on the issues of economic freedom and the failing policies of the current Administration.  If we do that, the politics take care of themselves.”
The volunteers’ buses left for Colorado at 6:00 am Friday, October 19th.  After a thirteen-hour ride, two buses arrived in Colorado Springs and two buses arrived in Denver.  The following morning, most of the volunteers knocked doors, spoke with the homeowners, and left information and door hangers.  Six volunteers, who were unable to walk the long distances, stayed at AFP’s local office and made phone calls.  They returned to Oklahoma late in the evening on Sunday, October 21st
“This was a real eye-opener for several of our volunteers.  It was their first opportunity to do grassroots activism in a swing state during an election year,” said Jolly.  “Oklahoma is the reddest state in the Union, and because of that, we don’t really see or feel how intense an election year can be in a swing state like Colorado.”
Derek Shoresan activist from Midwest City who traveled to Denver with his cousin, James Blackwood, agreed.
“I have never been in a swing-state during an election year.  The level of activity from the political ads on the various media outlets were amazing.”
“The entire Denver AFP ‘Prosperity Knocks’ weekend was a tremendous experience and something I will always remember,” Shores said. There is something very comforting and refreshing in linking up with citizens in a different state who share the same economic concerns as I.”
“I’m so proud of our activists,” Jolly said.  “In one day, our Oklahoma activists knocked on over 12,200 house and made 9,000 phone calls.  It just goes to show what people can do if they have a common interest and the sense that their work is influencing the direction of the United States.”

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